Individual development and skills

Cognitive level; This includes learning ability, language skills, comprehension, knowledge, memory; and how does the client solve problems and how is information processed?

Socio-emotional level; What can the client cope with in emotional terms, expression of emotions, verbal regulation of emotions, managing emotions, modulation of the duration and intensity of emotions?

Communicative level; What does the client understand and what can they make clear when stressed? Is facilitated communication used?

Disharmonic development; Is there a discrepancy between socio-emotional development and cognitive development, does the use of language correspond to the understanding of language, and to the performance skills?

Stress (coping style); How does the client cope with psychological stress (solving a mental problem) and physical stress (pain, physical discomfort)?

Sexual development; What does the client know about sexuality, what does he/she think about it, what sexual behaviour does he/she display, and what is their sexual preference?

Sensory information processing; What is the relation between perception (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, balance and sense of position) and the client's response? For example: failure to recognise danger; anxious, agitated and awkward behaviour; balance problems; startled response to physical contact.